Digital DGS

Digital DGS


At Didcot Girls’ School, we aim to support the appropriate and effective use of digital technology within education to give all students the opportunity to improve and develop their digital skills. 


As DGS in an Office 365 school, your daughter will have access to an Office 365 school email. Once logged into her school email, they will be able to access further Office 365 applications, including OneDrive – which will then allow your daughter to access her work from home. Many of our teachers will also use Microsoft Teams, which is an online platform to centralise communication and resources for their classes. 

Below are various video tutorials that will allow you to appropriately use the different platforms that are used to support your daughter with their studies.

For Students


Video 1: How students can access their school email account


Video 2: How students can access OneDrive from at home 


Video 3: How students can access Microsoft Teams from at home 


Video 4: How students can use Microsoft Teams 


Video 5: How to use Satchel:One (AKA ShowMyHomework) 


Video 6: How to install Microsoft Office for free at home


Video 7: Working on and submitting a Teams assignment


Video 8: How to use Immersive Reader to Make Resources Accessible

Immersive Reader (


For Parents


Video 1: How to use Satchel:One to view your daughters’s homework


A parents guide to Satchel:One



Page Downloads Date  
Acceptable Use Guidelines 23rd Nov 2017 Download
Exam User Request Form.pdf 27th Jul 2017 Download
Extenal Company - Use of own IT equipmen... 23rd Nov 2017 Download
Permission Form DGS 30th Apr 2020 Download
Permission Form DSF 04th Sep 2019 Download
Permission Form for Supply Staff 23rd Nov 2017 Download
RET - Permission form temp non-staff 01st Feb 2018 Download
RET Permission Form - Staff 15th Jan 2019 Download
Student use of personal IT equipment in... 01st Feb 2018 Download
Temporary User Request Form 01st Feb 2018 Download
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