School Policy on Homework

Homework is a vital tool for consolidating learning from lessons, extending learning beyond those lessons and in developing skills of independent learning. As such, most homework set will be clearly linked to past, current or future learning in lessons. This homework will be marked by teachers or peer/self-assessed in class, and pupils will receive developmental feedback. However, in some cases, the act of completing the homework will be the valuable activity in itself and, in this case, there may not be any benefit to the student in receiving feedback from the teacher. Where this is the case, it will be flagged to students so they are clear on the intended impact of their homework.

The expectation is that a student at KS3 will spend 45-60 minutes each night completing homework and students at KS4 will spend 60-90 minutes. KS5 students are expected to spend at least 10 hours each week working on each of their subjects (including lesson time).

Students are expected to organise this time themselves and prioritise according to the deadlines they have been given; they will not be given specific homework each day, according to a timetable but, instead, teachers will ensure that adequate deadlines are given so students can plan their workload over the week. To aid them in this, all homework will be set on Satchel:One.

Another reason we do not publish or expect teachers to abide by a homework timetable is that the school firmly believes that homework should have impact and we are clear with teachers that it should only be set if it is going to develop students’ skills or knowledge.

Each department has its own homework policy (see links to the right of this page) that sets out the type, regularity and length of homework it sets at various points of the year. In practice, this will mean that the quantity and regularity of homework set in some subjects will vary over the course of the year. Please be assured that this is by design and based on the needs of students across the learning cycle for each subject.

Satchel:One can be accessed here

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