Choosing the right book

It can be hard to choose a book , so there are a number of things in the library to help students with this.

Posters provided in the documents section below, suggest books that students might like to try based on others they have enjoyed.

Our ever-evolving 'If you liked...' list also makes recommendations based on other books.


Genre packsOur genre packs collate recommended books by genre and show the cover of the book as well as the blurb, so that students can look at this without having to pick up the books themselves:




Adventure genre pack

Dystopia genre pack

Families and Friendship genre pack

Fantasy genre pack

Funny genre pack

Historical genre pack

LGBTQ genre pack - while a huge variety of genres can feature LGBTQ characters and storylines, this is an easy way for students to find these stories, which many have requested.

Mystery genre pack

Romance genre pack

Science Fiction genre pack

Vampires, Werewolves and Witchcraft genre pack

Dyslexia-friendly: Realistic Fiction genre pack

Dyslexia-friendly: Horror genre pack

Dyslexia-friendly: Sport genre pack

The library catalogue can be accessed here and allows students to search for books by the title or author, or browse the new and popular books.


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