Student Managers

Our Student Managers are highly qualified staff who do not teach and who devote their time to providing a range of support for students and families.

Please make direct contact with the Student Manager or non-teaching Head of Year for your daughter's year group should you have any issues to do with friendship groups or your daughter's wellbeing in the school.

Student Managers are full time non-teaching pastoral staff who liaise closely with Heads of Year and teaching staff, as needed, to ensure that all of our students receive excellent support and pastoral care throughout their time with us. Student Managers support teaching Heads of Year to create additional capacity in these year groups. The non-teaching Head of Year, Mrs Berrill is supported by a Deputy Head of Year. 

The Student Managers' contact details are as follows:

Non-teaching Head of Year 7: Mrs S Berrill
Working with Year 8: Miss R Norton
Working with Year 9: Ms K Ross
Working with Year 10: Ms S Harbert
Working with Year 11: Mrs J Herniman

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