Pupils are constantly challenged to aim high. They are taught leadership skills very effectively. Ofsted

DGS Values

  • A school where everyone is included at the heart of the community
  • A school with high expectations which provides quality learning experiences for all
  • A safe and happy school which creates a sense of pride and promotes respectful relationships for all

Our Mission Statement

"We are a vibrant school community which empowers girls to become resilient and to fulfil their potential as future leaders."

What makes Didcot Girls' School distinctive?

  • Our reputation is deservedly a school ‘committed to excellence’
  • The school values are tangible and clearly understood by all stakeholders
  • The particular strengths of an all girls’ context are widely shared, highly visible and driven through a Growth Mindset culture
  • Our commitment to language learning creates an excellent provision

High Quality Teaching and Learning

  • The DGS Way defines the framework for high quality teaching and learning across our school
  • Students confidently develop skills for life such as problem solving, team working and creative thinking alongside excellent literacy, numeracy and ICT skills
  • The creative use of technology creates a cutting edge provision to support high quality teaching and learning

What does this mean?
Students are resilient and confident learners who have a ‘can-do’ attitude which prepares them well for their futures. Staff share a common language for excellent learning and this is evidenced across the school.

A Leadership Culture

  • Students are empowered to take leadership roles, especially through the Leadership Ladder, School Council, House system, Prefect team and the Sixth Form Leadership group
  • A collaborative leadership community, driven by Senior Team and Middle Leaders,  develops where creative ideas are shared, contributing towards the school’s vision
  • Professional development for all staff is responsive to need and shares best practice through collaborative training networks

What does this mean?
Students and staff feel empowered to take leadership roles and are well supported in these roles, enabling individuals to ‘make a difference’ to their school and to the community.

Personalised Support and Guidance

  • High quality mentoring provides personalised support for students’ learning
  • Peer mentoring promotes social cohesion across the school
  • The curriculum offers well tailored learning pathways which provide good progression

What does this mean?
All students feel known in the school community and there is a close understanding of each individual’s needs which leads to appropriate support and high levels of achievement. Students fulfil their potential.

An Outward-Facing Learning Community

  • Outreach work ensures the best of science, languages, arts, sports and business provision is available to students both in and outside of the school
  • An understanding  of different cultures and faiths promotes tolerance and respect

What does this mean?
Students have a wide choice of excellent enrichment and extra-curricular provision which increases their aspirations. They are tolerant of difference and respectful of each other and their community. Our students are proud of their school.


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DGS Strategic Plan 2021-25 08th Nov 2021 Download
@@GKKLeadership06:57 PM - 23rd July, 2024 End of the school year - here are the rising Year 11 house captains with Dr Comina and Mrs Littler! Have a wonderful and safe summer break all! pic.twitter.com/fyIY8N7HR2
@@DidcotGirls12:24 PM - 8th July, 2024 Year 10’s ‘Big Questions’ morning is closing with impressive debates around moral and ethical issues. Year 10 have conducted themselves impeccably and our judge Mr Tamplin is having a challenging time deciding on the winners of each debate. pic.twitter.com/Gm1Btrerhc
@@GKKLeadership09:21 AM - 8th July, 2024 So excited to be part of Big Question Day today organised by the brilliant Mr George! pic.twitter.com/VY7uAaxmvN
@@GKKLeadership12:25 PM - 1st July, 2024 We love a sunny day with the ice cream van in, and as it was a non working day, a little visitor came along with me! pic.twitter.com/aCKmVwQFbB
@@GKKLeadership12:41 PM - 27th June, 2024 A beautiful sunny day for our annual Pride event - filled with pride for our students and smiling at the delight caused by the two ice cream vans 😀 pic.twitter.com/SiWaEfVQC9
@@DidcotGirls09:48 AM - 20th June, 2024 We’ve enjoyed three wonderful days of open mornings this week, with visitors experiencing ‘everyday excellence’ across the site guided by our fabulous transition mentors. The sun even made a very welcome appearance ☀️ pic.twitter.com/d0LlNxuqIS
@@DidcotGirls09:36 AM - 20th June, 2024 We’ve enjoyed three wonderful days of open mornings this week, with visitors experiencing ‘everyday excellence’ across the site with out fabulous transition mentors. The sun even made a very welcome appearance ☀️ pic.twitter.com/sHpuJXfUrd
@@GKKLeadership09:07 AM - 12th June, 2024 Our student leaders are presenting brilliantly on month today! pic.twitter.com/8z8Zqb2iCg
@@GKKLeadership10:40 PM - 5th June, 2024 A very successful charity event organised by our brilliant students today - the staff race was pure entertainment! Blue skies and sunshine to boot! pic.twitter.com/gIPEUy0Plq
@@DidcotGirls04:10 PM - 3rd May, 2024 Our tours for year 5 families are now available to book. We look forward to welcoming you! Read more pic.twitter.com/UoM3tpOvpT
@@GKKLeadership03:08 PM - 30th April, 2024 We have had Pam Dothie in this morning talking to our SEND students about Quantum Physics and a career in Science, followed by her life as a puzzle book writer and crossword creator. Our students were spellbound! pic.twitter.com/vODoRuxQyL
@@GKKLeadership04:37 PM - 20th March, 2024 I've written a book about ethos, culture and young leadership which have published! Everything I know about student leadership is in here and has written the Foreword. Available to preorder 😊 Read more
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