Personal Development


  • To empower pupils to become actively involved and engaged in their communities and civil society
  • Be aware of, engage with and demonstrate the practice of ‘British Values’
  • To provide pupils with the knowledge and skills to live a healthy, safe and fulfilling life, including the management of risk.  This is to include physical health, time spent online (inc use of social media), mental health, drugs, alcohol and tobacco, first aid and healthy eating.
  • To develop pupils character to help them develop positive values and a moral framework that will guide their decisions, judgements and behaviour
  • To make pupils aware of their own rights and responsibilities including those linked to living in a democracy
  • To make pupils aware of topical and global issues and the role of the media and risks of ‘fake news’ in obtaining information about the world
  • To develop an understanding of how and when individuals and group actions can affect their communities, the environment and the world
  • To raise pupils self-esteem and empower pupils to be able to form and maintain fulfilling, healthy, safe and consenting relationships.  This is to include concepts around age-appropriate relationships, sexual health and relationships, contraception, STIs’ the Law, grooming, FGM and pornography.
  • To develop their skills to be able to use a range of research strategies, weigh up evidence, make persuasive arguments and substantiate conclusions.  This may lead to responsible and appropriate action.
  • To further their knowledge of employability issues, including careers, and develop their employability and further and higher education skills
  • To improve pupils knowledge of personal finance issues
  • To promote an inclusive school (and community) environment where everyone feels welcome irrespective of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation

How it is Organised        

Pupils in Years 7 - 10 - receive at least one hour a fortnight of Personal Development (PD) largely in mixed ability groups. Pupils in Years 11 receive PD via tutor time, assemblies and collapsed curriculum events. PD comprises Citizenship, PSHE, Careers and some Work Related Learning (WRL) topics.  In addition to their PD lessons, all year groups in school learn about aspects of the aforementioned subjects via: 

  • Outside Speakers (eg Oxon Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre; presentation and workshops on Sexual Harassment) and performances (for example Chelsea’s Choice play on grooming and sexual exploitation) 
  • External Events (such as the promotion of fundraising and raising awareness of voluntary sector organisations within ‘First Give’) 
  • Extended Provision (such as Ethics Religion and Philosophy, World Religions and Values Days)  
  • Cross-Curricular Topics (such as sustainability in Geography, Human Rights in RE and Finance in Maths) 
  • Tutor Time and Assemblies; particularly with issues around self-esteem, online safety, character development, topical issues and developing positive values.   

    Citizenship is also offered as a GCSE option in Key Stage 4 using the the OCR exam board specification.

National Curriculum Links

A Programme of Study (PoS) has been produced that takes into account: statutory obligations around RSE/PSHE, Citizenship and Careers (inc Gatsby Benchmarks), aspects of the PSHE Associations non-statutory framework for PSHE, official reports (eg OFSTEDs ‘Review of Sexual Abuse in Schools and Colleges’) and Student Voice including via pupil surveys (eg student voice has resulted in more content around Diversity and Sexual Harassment).

Curriculum sequence

Personal Development Programme 2021 -2022


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



Human Rights & Responsibilities



Growing Up


First Aid

Spiral lessons


Sexual Harassment


Careers - Unifrog




Emotional Wellbeing

Careers and GCSE Options

Personal Finance


Democracy in and Beyond the UK

Spiral lessons


Sexual Harassment


Careers - Unifrog




Relationship & Sex Education

Physical Health & Mental Wellbeing


First Give

First Aid


Spiral lessons




Careers - Unifrog



Drugs Education



Work Experience: Preparation of CV


Identity and Diversity

Work Placement Preparation


Work Experience Review

Spiral lessons



Sexual Harassment

Risk Taking



Tutor Time, Assemblies and Collapsed Curriculum Events   

Term 1: Careers sessions primarily focussing on Further Education options, including weekly Careers Bite-size slots delivered in tutor time and then followed by a super learning day on Careers.

Super learning day for Year 11 students focussed on Risk Taking, the content of which may vary depending on the group, school and national priorities/issues.  It often includes content on RSE inc Sexual Harassment, Diversity inc Hate Crime and Online Safety.

Assemblies are also delivered around issues of concern to improve student welfare, for example Mental Health inc Exam Stress and covering parts of the Citizenship curriculum e.g. Democracy and active Citizenship.             

Meeting the needs of SEND and Pupil Premium students

In accordance with our whole school policy, PD teachers place SEND and Pupil Premium students at the heart of their lesson planning.  PD follows school policies and procedures on differentiating provision, which will also include seeking and taking advice on a case-by-case basis regarding some SEND and Pupil Premium students and our more vulnerable pupils towards appropriateness of lessons and differentiation required. Liaison and canvassing of others including Pupils, Safeguarding Lead, SLT, Heads of Year, School Nurse, Careers Advisor and the SEND team will take place to seek their views on the value and need of the topics covered. The Programme of Study including our Careers offer may be tailored to the findings of this and other feedback.   


Assessment activities include making the purpose, aims and rationale clear to pupils at the beginning of each lesson, pupils recording, as part of an evaluation form, how much they believe they learnt linked to key topic aims and an assessment activity will take place to show the extent of learning and progress.

Contact details

Stuart George. Head of Personal Development. 01235 812092

Delivery Of Careers

The school's Careers delivery is guided by the Gatsby Benchmarks and the DfE’s Statutory Careers Guidance. Some of the Careers package is delivered through PD. The school has won a CEC (Careers and Enterprise Company) award for our promotion of ‘challenge’ work experience placements and a local award for our Mentoring scheme targeted at PP and SEND students. For further informoation, please see the Careers page of our website.


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