Design and Technology


We believe that students deserve a Design & technology curriculum which prepares them for the world they live in. Studying Technology through Textiles and Resistant Materials enables students to understand and navigate their visual world, and solve real and relevant design problems through robust, iterative design processes.

Our vision for Design and Technology subjects is of an inspiring and rigorous curriculum centred around the teaching and learning of practical competencies that support the design, creation and evaluation of a range of products using a variety of materials. Creative thinking and an understanding of the broader design process is the foundation of the subject and, wherever possible, enables students to address ‘real life’ design problems.

At the centre of the curriculum is creativity and imagination. Design & Technology draws, develops and implements a range of different disciplines including aspects of mathematics, science, engineering, computing, geography, business studies and art. We embed high quality literacy skills through analysis and evaluation techniques.

At Key Stage 3 we deliver and enrich the knowledge outlined in the National Curriculum, supported by a clear skills and knowledge progression. This ensures that skills and knowledge are built on year by year and sequenced appropriately to maximise learning.

Students move through the disciplines with different specialist teachers for Resistant Materials, Textiles and Food Preparation and Nutrition. Our ambitious curriculum is accessible to all through provision of a range of opportunities and challenges for students of diverse abilities, talents and backgrounds. Students learn to work both independently and in groups, but all are encouraged to be motivated and confident learners whilst working on solving problems.

In Resistant Materials and Textiles, projects are based around design and make activities, covering a range of contexts and materials. Each project builds technical knowledge and develops students’ ability to analyse and evaluate their own work, as well as exposing students to a range design movements and designers.

Food and Nutrition

As well as building on aspects of design, make and evaluate, this subject places high priority on the preparation of a range of dishes which grow in complexity from Year 7 to Year 8. Students develop a variety of relevant skills and learn to use a wide range of equipment so that they can grow in confidence in the kitchen. The principles of nutrition and healthy eating are the bedrock of the planned cooking activities and students swiftly flourish when rising to the challenge of mastering dishes and building a repertoire of meals. We want our young learners to express themselves through cooking and develop a deep joy of all things food.

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