Free School Meals

Support for Free School Meal (FSM) pupils during school shutdown due to COVID-19 - updated January 2021

The School will continue to provide support to those pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) during any period where the school is shut due to the COVID-19 outbreak by using the national EdenRed scheme set up by the Government. 

Once registered parents and carers receive an eCode directly to their email address to enable them to order an eGift card that can be used at a range of supermarkets.  Please see the attached documents for further help and instructions.

We aim to issue vouchers on a two-weekly basis.

Where families have asked us to print a paper voucher, we will continue to arrange for these to be issued on a two-weekly basis. 

If you have any other queries with respect to FSM, please email


Page Downloads Date  
DfE FSM Parent User Guide 26th Jan 2021 Download
DfE FSM Parent FAQs 26th Jan 2021 Download
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