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Year 11 students complete Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition!

Posted on: 06/10/2021

On 23rd and 24th September, thirty Year 11 students embarked on their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Having started their Bronze Awards in Year 9, the expedition had to be delayed due to covid restrictions, so the students were eager to put their map-reading and camping skills to the test!

After being dropped off by their parents at Wootton and Dry Sandford Community Centre, each group embarked on the first day of walking at 15 minute intervals. It being a circular route meant that students had to check their maps and surroundings carefully to ensure they were taking the correct turning. Needless to say, this was not always the case, but any wrong-turnings were soon righted and all the groups found their way to Youlbury campsite where they would be spending the night.

While most groups were already pretty exhausted by this point, there would not be the opportunity to rest for at least another few hours, as tents needed to be pitched and food needed to be cooked before nightfall. Dinner for most was pasta of some sort, although some groups fully committed to the camping experience and toasted marshmallows too!

Having learned from any navigational mistakes the day before, the second day of walking went more smoothly, allowing students to enjoy the sunshine and focus on their group’s aim. It was a real joy to witness them all arrive at the end location in Witney and talk about everything they had learned from the experience – most of them saying that they are stronger and more resilient than they had previously thought themselves to be. This is such an important message, which we hope all the students will carry with them for a long time, along with all their happy memories of Duke of Edinburgh!

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