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Success in swimming, cross-country and netball for DGS students

Posted on: 18/10/2021

On 23rd September, DGS attended the ESSA Swimming Qualifiers at Abingdon School. We entered a Junior, Intermediate and Senior Team who all competed in both medley and freestyle events. The students were phenomenal, and it was a pleasure for Miss Slater to learn so much about swimming in such a short space of time. With the results now in, it would be a shame not to share the students successes. Junior squad - 2nd in freestyle and medley, intermediate squad - 1st in medley and 2nd in freestyle, and senior squad - 2nd in medley and 2nd in freestyle. 

On Thursday 14th October, Miss Good attended Abingdon school for the ESAA x-country Cup round 1. DGS entered a junior team of Year 7 and 8 students, intermediate team of 9 and 10 and senior team of Year 11s. The students once again demonstrated resilience and determination whilst running, and worked well in their teams for overall success. A shout out to Esme Boulton for coming 11th in the Junior Girls Division, Daisy Benton Bryan, Vicky Brown and Mathan Hebden for coming 12th, 15th and 18th in the Inter Girls Division and Amber Collins-Freeman for coming 15th in the Senior Girls Division. 

Thursday 14th October saw DGS host their first fixture of the year, after 18 months of no schools visiting for any level of sporting competition. DGS U19 Netball Team hosted St Helens and St Katherines in Round 2 of the SistersnSport Cup, and it was a superb game to host! The students played exceptionally well, with Yr 11s Charlotte Taylor, Emma Park, Charlotte Lambert and Kiera Shute all playing up with DSF students Rebecca Agg, Laura Millar, Emma Payne, Izzy Driscoll and Rosie Park. Although losing to SHSK 46-31 DGS, it was commented by the umpire how well-matched and fair the game had been, with talent being showcased throughout the game. Miss Slater could not have been more proud of the girls efforts! A shout out to Charlotte Taylor for P.O.M and Rosie Park for coaching the team throughout the game so that Miss Slater could umpire. 


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