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Year 8 Students visit Satellite Applications Catapult as part of World Space Week

Posted on: 16/10/2017
Satellite Applications Catapult, based on the Harwell Science Campus, is a world-leading technology and innovation company, helping businesses of all sizes to innovate for a better world, by using satellites.
As part of World Space Week, a group of Year 8 students spent a day there on October 10th finding out not just about how space technology is used to explore the distant worlds in our solar system or beyond, but also how that technology can be used to solve some of the most challenging problems facing the future on our own world.
Students built a real satellite, researched astrobiology, used origami to simulate a satellite unfolding in space, and saw how satellite images can solve real world problems such as illegal fishing.
The students also met scientists, engineers and ambassadors from all aspects of the space sector and were inspired to see themselves in roles like these in their future careers.
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