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Please enjoy the Thought for the Term from Mrs Bowers

Posted on: 30/09/2022


"Sorry seems to be the hardest word."  Elton John

We are now a month into the school year and the fresh start that we all had in September is already starting to feel quite a long time ago.  Every new school year is a great opportunity to start again, but we shouldn't ignore the opportunities we have every day to make a fresh start and leave behind any mistakes which we may have made. With this in mind, my thought for the term today is about the art of the apology.  It can be hard to accept when we have got things wrong, but a sincere apology goes a long way to repairing a relationship and making a fresh start.  

So here are the key ingredients:

  1. Start by recognising what has happened, listen carefully to the other person's point of view and be prepared to accept that they might have a different perspective on the situation than you. 
  1. Take responsibility for any harm or upset which may have been caused, even if it was unintentional on your part. 
  1. Be honest and sincere in your apology.
  1. After the words of your apology, the most important thing is to change your behaviour, so that the other person can see that you meant what you said. 

All of us make mistakes, but knowing how to repair relationships when we get it wrong, can allow everyone to make a fresh start and move on.  

Mrs Bowers
Deputy Headteacher 
St Birinus School

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