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Please enjoy the Thought for the Term from Mrs Carter

Posted on: 25/11/2022

Anyone can be a leader. You don’t need to apply; you don’t need to be asked. Leadership is an action. Action which does not depend on experience or role. You may already be a leader without being aware of it. If you have ever led someone onto a different path, given them food for thought, made them rethink their ideas or actions, or sparked a discussion or debate, you are already a leader.

Leadership skills also take many forms. You may be someone who calmly considers a situation and keeps their cool when everyone else is panicking. You might have an informed point of view and/or the ability to gather ideas and information from others. You might be willing to change the status quo by raising and asking questions. You may be someone who helps others to feel confident. These are all leadership skills.

Hone your skills. Have a quiet confidence in your own worth. Recognise the leadership opportunities that come your way. Take action and use your abilities to influence others: pick up the litter you see, and others will follow; help someone in need, and others will follow; smile and say hello, and others will follow; encourage someone to try something new; tell people when they have influenced you. Such actions have ripple effects that you may, or may not, ever see. My daughter once stood in the town centre and wrote nice, personal messages on post it notes, giving them to strangers passing by. The smiles on their faces showed the power of taking action. This is leadership; anyone can do it. Including you.

Mrs Carter
Head of Sociology
St Birinus School

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