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Please enjoy Ms Hopkins' Thought for the Term

Posted on: 03/02/2023

Embracing diversity means that we are creating balance and beauty in the world. Whilst we should absolutely appreciate the similarities we share with others, we should also value the things that make us different. It is these differences that weave the wonder into our experiences of life and enrich the communities around us.

Understanding diversity means we recognise the importance of everyone’s story, and we listen when they speak because we know how diminished we all are when stories and voices go unheard.

Every instrument in an orchestra is beautiful, but the true beauty of a symphony is when each of those instrumental sounds is heard together. Separately, while each sound might be enchanting, they don’t have the power or force of a full orchestra. And if the conductor misses one of his musicians from a performance, it will sound dissonant to our ears. The symphony will be unfinished, incomplete, lacking something.

Diversity is what brings the magic to a performance, and diversity is what enriches our schools. It’s important that each and every voice finds its place in our melody. It’s not about any single instrument dominating, fading into the background or remaining silent, it’s about the distinctively different sounds blending together as a whole and creating a beautiful and harmonious sound.

As we create our own symphony, we can ask ourselves is our voice loud enough? Are we drowning anyone out? Do we need to create space for another voice to be heard? Don’t forget - the most powerful figure in the orchestra is not one who plays an instrument at all. It’s the conductor, who ensures all voices can be heard.

Ms Hopkins
Assistant Headteacher
St Birinus School

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