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    A-level Examination Results Summer 2018 Didcot Sixth Form

    Posted on: 16/08/2018

    A-level Examination Results Summer 2018 – Didcot Sixth Form

    Students at Didcot Sixth Form, run in partnership between Didcot Girls’ School and St Birinus School, are celebrating their A-level examination results at all levels again this year.

    We are proud of all our students for their individual personal qualities, but today we focus on and celebrate their examination results, achieved through sustained hard work over the last two years in their studies.

    We are delighted with the performance at the highest grades, particularly at A*, with one in four of all exam entries achieving grades A* or A and one in two of all exam entries achieving grades A*-B. 68% of all students achieved at least one grade A*-B and 80% of all entries were graded A*-C.

    In summary, for the 125 students that completed their A Level studies this year:

    • 24% of all entries gained A*-A grades
    • 49% of all entries gained A*-B grades
    • 80% of all entries gained A*-C grades
    • 100% of all entries gained A*-E grades

    As a school community, we celebrate the achievements of all of our students but there are some exceptional individual performances that deserve special mention with thirteen students achieving at least 3 A* or A grades at A-Level.

    Charity Chiang

    A* A A B

    Maths; Psychology; Business Studies; Chinese

    Daniel Clarke

    A* A* A* A

    Further Maths; Maths; Physics; Chemistry

    Henry Cotton

    A* A* A A

    Further Maths; Maths; Physics; Chemistry

    Sam Fisher

    A* A A

    Business Studies; Government and Politics; Physical Education

    Joshua Godfrey

    A A A

    Biology; Maths; Physics

    Emelia Harrison

    A* A* A* A* A

    Further Maths; Maths; Biology; EPQ, Physics

    Phoebe Hemming

    A* A A B

    EPQ; Business Studies; Maths; Government and Politics

    Abby Jones

    A* A A

    Psychology; English; Maths

    Rose Kent

    A* A* A Dist 2

    English; Religious Studies; Maths; Pre-U Mandarin

    Joshua Parker

    A* A A

    English; Biology; History

    Daniel Storey

    A* A* A* A

    English; History; EPQ; Biology

    Lucy Woods

    A* A* A C

    Further Maths; Maths; Physics; English

    Hannah Young

    A A A B

    Chemistry; English; Maths; Physics

    The Headteachers of both schools are very pleased with these results. Rachael Warwick, Executive Headteacher of Ridgeway Education Trust, said: ‘We are delighted that all the hard work and dedication of both staff and students has been rewarded with excellent results for our students. These results will enable our students to progress to their exciting futures whether at university, in apprenticeships and other training courses or employment. We wish all our students the very best for the future and we will take great pleasure in hearing about all their future successes.’

    John Marston, Headteacher of St Birinus School, said: ‘We have very much enjoyed seeing our students develop into such fine young adults. All of our students are to be congratulated and should be proud of what they have achieved. We are certainly very proud of them as individuals and for their exam successes.’







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