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Year 12 students take part in workshops with Haste Theatre

Posted on: 04/10/2018

Year 12 Art students are working with Haste Theatre as part of a 4 counties project celebrating 100 years of The Representation of the People Act. The workshops explore a sense of self and identity with a strong link to the Suffragette movement. Students are working on an Art box installation piece that contains loaded objects and imagery that tell a story of themselves, their life, or their desires, as well as a box representing a Suffragette.  Students are able to use the actual boxes that Haste used as part of their set for the production 'Where the Hell is Bernard', but they can interpret a 'box' in any way they wish. So far they have had 3 workshops exploring identity and repression/freedom and the final installation will be on display at Cornerstone on 16th October!

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