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2nd in the country! School Performance Tables Published

Posted on: 01/02/2019

We have known since August that last year's Year 11 GCSE results were our best yet.

However, last week gave us another perspective on their excellent achievements with the publication of the school comparison tables (sometimes called 'league tables').

Not only did these tables confirm our place in the top 3% of all schools measured for the key Progress 8 figure but they also enabled us to compare this measure with similar schools.

In this context, 'similar schools' are grouped by the average performance of the year group at the end of primary school. So, it is an excellent measure of how much progress the whole cohort made in their 5 years with us. We are delighted to say that on this measure, DGS is the second best in the country!

The table can be seen here

Although no other Oxfordshire schools feature in the similar schools list, we were also very pleased that on this same Progress 8 measure, we were confirmed as the 2nd highest performing school in the county too.

Well done again to last year's Year 11 and to all staff for helping the school feature so prominently in these tables and achieve such great outcomes. 




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