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Year 8 students create autonomous vehicles in workshops with the Smallpeice Trust and the RAF

Posted on: 27/03/2019

STEM matters. People with STEM skills can make the world a better place and make a contribution to many of the big challenges facing society now and in the future.

On March 26th, 8FER and 8DCH spent a day developing their STEM skills as they tackled the challenge of creating an autonomous vehicle during a workshop run by the Smallpeice Trust and the RAF. The girls worked in teams as design engineers, mechanical engineers, programmers, and sales and marketing executives to design, build and market an autonomous car which could use sensors to follow a route. The students showed powerful resilience, teamwork and design and programming skills to complete the challenge and build a vehicle which could successfully navigate the course.

Well done, Year 8 - you are the engineers of the future!

We would like to thank the Smallpeice Trust and the RAF for providing this excellent opportunity for our students.

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