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GCSE Results Day 2019 - Wow!

Posted on: 22/08/2019

The long wait for Year 11 finally came to an end this morning as GCSE results were released and we are, once again, celebrating a group of exceptional students with brilliant results!

After five years of dedication, hard work and resilience, it was a joy to see so many smiling faces, so many tears of joy and so many students enjoying such well-earned success. 

This is the seventh year in a row of great results for students at DGS but on many measures, this cohort have achieved the best results yet which is a really phenomenal performance from a fabulous group of young people!

Headline figures are as follows:

  • 91% of students gained a grade 4 or above in English 
  • 85% of students gained a grade 4 or above in Maths  
  • 28% of students gained a grade 7, 8 or 9 in English  
  • 30% of students gained a grade 7, 8 or 9 in Maths 
  • 35% of all entries were grades 7-9  
  • 28% of students gained 5 or more 7-9  
  • 98% of students gained 5 GCSE passes  
  • 100% of students gained at least 1 pass  
  • Overall attainment 8 figure: 54.3 

Of course, behind these headlines, there are so many individual success stories to celebrate and we are proud of each and every student today - congratulations from all of us at school and the very best of luck as you move to the exciting next stages of your education, training or employment.


Please read our press release here for more details and see the image gallery below for some pictures from today. 


Mr Goodenough

August 2019


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