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Raspberry Pi Day!

Posted on: 13/07/2021

To celebrate 'Pi Day' (14th March) this year, local charity 'Be Free Young Carers' donated several 'Raspberry Pi' computer kits to DGS Young Carers who take Computer Science as a Key Stage 4 options subject.  Raspberry Pi Kit

A 'Raspberry Pi' is a small computer that promotes the teaching of coding and computer science.  They are also used in fields such as robotics and weather monitoring. They made welcome gifts to our Computer Scientists in Years 10 and 11. 

The pupils will use their new devices to practice their coding skills and enhance their programming knowledge. It's our hope that the kits will encourage them to pursue Computer Programming beyond GCSE, as a hobby, and perhaps as a future career.

Alongside the Raspberry Pi kit, each pupil received a web camera, microphone with headset, a keyboard and a monitor.  The extra attachments served as a big surprise for both staff and students.  DGS would like to say a big thank you to 'Be Free Young Carers' for donating the computing kits to our Young Carers. Our pupils were thrilled to receive them!

Mr Byrne

Young Carers Lead

Teacher of Maths and Computing


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