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Annual House Opening Ceremony

Posted on: 04/10/2017
Our annual House Opening Ceremony took place yesterday lunch time in the beautiful autumnal sunshine. The school field was a myriad of colours, banners, costumes, painted faces and excited students. The Heads of House and House Captains led the traditional parade around the school field, which signals the opening of 'the games'! Greenfield House led the parade, having won the House Cup last year. 
The House Captain team did a brilliant job of hosting and leading the event; Miss Walker has described them as "quite possibly the best yet". They clearly take enormous pride in their houses and inspire others to do the same. 
We had a record number of staff supporting us on the field and participating in the much awaited staff obstacle race. A massive thank you to the PE Department, Heads of House and House Captain Team for making the event such a memorable success. "Organised chaos", as Mrs Warwick put it, at its best! 
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