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Please enjoy the Thought for the Term from Mrs Tottman, Assistant Headteacher at SBS

Posted on: 25/03/2022

“Cross Over the Road My Friend”.  This was the first time I heard the word compassion, singing that hymn, sitting cross legged on the floor of our little primary school hall.  I remember liking the sound of the word 'compassion' and understanding that to be the best version of my seven year old self I should have the courage to help someone in need and do the right thing.  I then grew up, moved on and haven’t really thought on the word again, until now.

I am heartened to report, as I reflect on compassion and consequently my own actions and surroundings, that caring deeply for others is something that I see and feel daily within our community.  Life continues to remain uncertain for so many, but what endures is our care for others and the need to “keep showing up” for those around you. What could be more uplifting than the recent production of “We Will Rock You”?  Students from all three schools coming together to celebrate Drama, Music and Dance.  Compassion made this production possible; the care that is felt by one individual towards another, from the staff that direct, choreograph and conduct to the pupils who commit to be reliable, attend after school rehearsals and give of their best during the performance.  Also, of course, we cannot forget the parents, friends and community members who come together because they care about those involved and wish to offer warmth and support. This is one example of what our schools do daily to empower, educate and inspire.

In a world which at times promotes a culture of self-centred introspection, perhaps one of the most powerful gifts we can give our young people are the lessons, opportunities and experiences to enable them to see that there has to be something in life worth caring deeply about, that goes beyond one's self.  The focus of our compassion will differ from person to person, but try to cross the road and in your own way show compassion. Have the courage to help someone in need and do the right thing. 

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