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Please enjoy the Thought for the Term from our Head Girl Team

Posted on: 10/06/2022

Our thought for this term is courage. When asked to write about it, our first thoughts were about the horrors in Ukraine, and how brave the citizens there are, but after having a chat together we realised that courage is far more than we realise. The definition of courage is the ability to do something that frightens one. Most would mistake courage for something that only those who have completed great feats have, like standing up to speak in an assembly, or riding a scary roller-coaster!

Well, we all show courage; it's shown every day, everywhere. Courage is the act of pushing boundaries and stepping out of the box, whether it be wearing a loud jumper or deciding to try new food. We all have that courage inside us, but it's up to us to show it and to use it to improve.

We're sure that many people have been stressed out with exams, we haven’t been excluded from that, sadly. But after looking into that fear and finding the ability to face it, we found ways of approaching it, such as trying to make revision timetables, focused on the subjects we find hardest and doing our best to minimise our stress of the approaching mocks and exams. And that’s all that courage is, doing our best to face our fears.

We would both say that courage comes in all shapes and forms, from those fighting heroically for their home in Ukraine or to something seemingly as simple as Year 7s on their first day starting secondary school. So, we challenge you to try and show courage in and out of school, to be brave and bold, to face such fears and to own your own courage.

We both wish you a great rest of the term and good luck to all sitting exams at the moment!


Imansa Kokkuhannandige                   Bethanie Brophy 
Associate Head Girl                              Deputy Associate Head Girl


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