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Please enjoy Mr Tamplin's Thought for the Term

Posted on: 01/07/2022

I have had the pleasure of seeing so many courageous things over the course of the past term.

Last night, I was at the Lower School Awards and the room was full of courageous people, not least the award winners who show courage in every lesson to test themselves, to contribute ideas to discussion and to work positively with people that they may not necessarily know. But it was also incredible to see Year 7 student, Rebecca, put in a brilliant performance on the violin and also Josie in Year 9 sing "All of me" in front of 100 students and 250 parents. All of these students are placing themselves out of their comfort zone, which is always where we learn the most.

There will always be nerves when we are being courageous, but the payoff is your own personal development and a sense of achievement, which we know improves our resilience, leadership and wellbeing over the longer term.

Other aspects of courage are evident this term through the PGL trip, Chateau trip and Sports Day. All of these events involve students not taking the easy option.

If we can learn anything from courage, it is that it isn't always easy, but is always rewarding.

Mr Tamplin
Assistant Headteacher for Lower School
Years 7 & 8 (Standards & Culture)

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