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Please enjoy the Thought for the Term from Mr Manning

Posted on: 15/07/2022

With the end of term so soon upon us, this has been a week of celebration and uplifting evenings, with the St Birinus Sports Awards Evening on Wednesday and an absolute boomer of a RET Summer Concert on Thursday. I sat, mesmerised, as performance after performance, ensembles and solo, rock, classical, a sublime jazz saxophone, full bodied orchestral might and rousing vocal choirs, inspired a packed sports hall over at DGS. 

Within a couple of those performances too, I saw flashes of fierce courage, amidst the trepidation of personal growth. I saw and empathised when younger students stepped up to the mic, settled themselves for a second, and there, written on their faces, was the moment when they would take a leap forward and project their talent and musical passion on what must have felt like a daunting stage. 

In that moment, there was true courage. The bravery to overcome the nerves, step into the occasion and deliver their absolute best. The looks of pride, and touches of relief, once they were the other side, were priceless. Those young people, perhaps new to performances on that level, in front of that many people, would have felt utterly alive and given themselves a threshold moment of growth and personal confidence. 

It is much easier in life not to take opportunities that perhaps feel overwhelming, intimidating or oversized - that is the safe route. Demonstrating genuine courage doesn't mean that you are not afraid or nervous, far from it. It means that you don't let that stop you, and from the looks of those faces on Thursday evening, and my own personal experience, it is an electric feeling and one to always strive for. 

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