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Please enjoy the Thought for the Term from Miss Littler

Posted on: 20/01/2023

One of the joys of working in a school is the diversity of the community in which we are immersed and all the varied, rich experiences of a typical school day.

One of the best things about being a teacher is that each one of those typical school days is unique. I am often struck by the differing roles we might play in any one day and this, for me, is the absolute beauty of the job. In education there is no time for monotony and each hour brings something new to the rich tapestry of school life. The very best element of this is the diversity of our students; the different voices and experiences they bring and their unique perspectives on our school community. It is this strength of community that we know makes our schools so special. Embracing all the elements of diversity within that community is key to that strength.

On a visit to Sutton Courtenay Church of England Primary School, part of the Ridgeway Education Trust, before Christmas, I was struck by the amazing diversity of the primary school experience, each classroom brimming with enquiry, new knowledge and a vast array of activities. What struck me most was the joy and energy in every part of the school. We are so fortunate to have that opportunity to work together across the different key stages, from primary school upwards, something which adds greater depth and breadth to our own individual school communities.

January can seem like a grey month, but I am always uplifted by the character and spirit of students in our schools and their cheerful determination. Life at school is anything other than monochrome, and whilst I wait for the sunshine of spring to finally arrive, I know I appreciate more than ever the light and warmth in our schools which blazes bright in glorious technicolour no matter what the weather.

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