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Celebrate 50 years of DGS with 50 questions about the school!

Posted on: 20/01/2023

To kick off our 50th anniversary year, we have put together a quiz with 50 questions about DGS past and present. How much do you really know about your school?

· Did you know that DGS used to have a swimming pool, but where was it and when did it close?

Flagstone· Do you recognise this flagstone (right) installed for the millennium? Where is it hidden?

· Who is this Headteacher (below), the longest serving head of DGS from 1987-2003?

Thumbnail Headteacher picture from old website

Anyone can enter (and old pupils might have a bit of an advantage!) All pupils have been sent the quiz via email or you can click here to dive straight in.

Thumbnail School website pictures c1990s

A sunny DGS in c.1990 (Pictures which used to feature on the original DGS website).

If anyone has photographs or memories of DGS from the past 50 years we would be delighted to receive them. Please either email them directly to Mr Lawton or the main school office. We hope to be able to display and used them later in the year for a big celebration.

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