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Year 10 Citizenship students visit the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court

Posted on: 14/01/2023

To kick off the new year, our Year 10 Citizenship students enjoyed a really interesting and memorable school trip.  For the first time since the pandemic, we were delighted to be able to take our fantastic students inside the heart of two cornerstones of our democracy.  In the morning we visited the Houses of Parliament and, as the Houses were in recess, it meant we could spend time inside both the world famous Houses of Lords and House of Commons. Incredible to think of all the people and historic decisions made in the chambers that we were walking through! 

In the afternoon, we visited the highest court in the UK, The Supreme Court and were lucky enough to sit in the Judges chairs! As well as learning lots for their Citizenship GCSE we also had time to have a break in the wondrous Supreme Court Cafe - well worth a visit if you have the chance to do so.  A great day and the 'Informed Citizen' badges we were given at the end of our tour spoke volumes about our fun and valuable trip.

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