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Please enjoy Miss Roberts' Thought for the Term

Posted on: 03/03/2023

Last week, Mrs Tottman introduced this term’s theme of ‘Respect.’ She wrote that ‘treating everyone we meet with respect is a sign of manners, self-confidence and a secure moral compass. Respect should be our default setting, not something we choose to “switch-on” after someone earns this from us.’ She also wrote that we should ‘be kind (…) and empathetic.’

For me, that notion of kindness goes to the heart of respect. To respect is to care. In each of our schools, inclusivity is a core value. We embrace each others’ differences and respect the individuals around us. We show respect by caring about how we speak and act and caring about the impact we may have on others.

I see evidence of this respect and care on a daily basis. In lessons, students listen respectfully to others’ viewpoints and then discuss in a way which is respectful. Around school, students respect their shared space and tidy up after themselves and others. On the way to lessons, students navigate spaces sensibly and show respect to students and teachers by moving carefully and holding doors open. Happily, not only do we demonstrate tolerance and respect, but whenever possible, we celebrate each other’s differences, achievements and bravery, whether that’s in a concert, a sports game or a quieter moment shared with a smaller number.

In summary - to be your best, respectful self - continue to be mindful of others and take care to consider the impact of your words and behaviour on those around you. Through these actions we will continue to enjoy being part of school communities with respectful relationships at their heart.


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