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Take a look at the Thought for the Term by Miss Marshall

Posted on: 16/06/2023

“What are you most proud of?” - This is a question that can fill us with dread when we are asked in a team building activity or an interview. We often feel like we have to achieve remarkable things in order to be proud of ourselves or that being proud is in some way boastful. However, while it is important to celebrate big accomplishments, this mindset means that we can overlook small victories in life that we should feel equally proud of. Cultivating a sense of pride in our everyday lives is not only beneficial to us as individuals but can also help to create a sense of pride in our community.

Pride is defined as ‘a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements’ and therefore it is a feeling that must come from within us. It starts with us accepting ourselves and appreciating all of our small wins: taking the time to finish a book; going on a walk or run when we can’t muster the energy; completing that piece of work that we have putting off for ages; speaking in front of a group of people when we feel really nervous. These are all accomplishments that we can feel proud of every day. It is not just about the destination, but about being proud of all the small steps that we took to get there.

Once we feel confident enough to feel proud of ourselves, we can begin to inspire the people around us to do the same. Letting others know that we are proud of them can be a powerful tool in creating safe and supportive environments both in and out of school. As Pride month begins it is a perfect reminder that it is important to celebrate the achievements, bravery, and progress of our friends, families, and peers. At the heart of Pride month is the collective pride of a community coming together, which is a sentiment that I think we should carry with us throughout the whole year.

So next time someone asks what you are proud of, don’t avoid the question – see if you can celebrate your small victories and those of our community instead.

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