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Please enjoy the Thought for the Term from Mrs Roberts

Posted on: 30/06/2023

This term, we have read reflections from staff and students about the theme of pride. Too often, the idea of pride gets a bad reputation, with people conjuring the phrase ‘pride comes before a fall’. However, this extreme of pride being an unkind boasting or gloating, is very different to being justly proud of something you have worked hard to achieve. It has been refreshing to read reflections on the importance of pausing to recognise our achievements and the importance of pride.

Whilst feeling pride and satisfaction in our own achievements is important, we can also take pride in the achievements of others. In our school communities we are fortunate to have so much to be proud of. The visible achievements of others are there to see in the art displayed, in the celebration assemblies, and in the frequent shows and competitions that take place. Similarly, we are privileged enough to share the quiet moments of pride in the classroom as students master new skills and acquire new knowledge.

There is much to be proud of throughout the school year, but this last term of the school year is often particularly jam-packed full of events and moments of celebration. Year 11 and 13 finished exams and we took the opportunity to celebrate their achievements and to share our pride in them as young people with their leaver’s days. A few weeks ago, some of the newly appointed student leadership team in Year 10 came to a staff briefing and shared with staff what they appreciated most about the school and why they were proud to be part of DGS. Last week, I had the pleasure of watching some students from Years 7-9 perform ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ outside at Didcot Girls’ School. The talent and dedication from students were superb and I felt incredibly proud of the students taking part. At the end of this week we will see musicians from across our schools come together in the pre-tour music concert and I know that the audience will be swelled with pride watching those taking part. Sports Day approaches and that is always a brilliant day of cheering each other on. To all of the students reading this, give an extra cheer this year and tell someone you’re proud of them!

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