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Please enjoy the Thought for the Term from Mrs Fulwell

Posted on: 14/07/2023

We have heard so much this term about pride, what this means, what may make you proud and taking pride in yourself and your achievements, no matter how big or small.

Within our community there are an enormous amount of individual and group achievements that we can and should feel proud of. I would like to focus for a moment on those students who have taken public exams such as GCSEs in recent weeks; I have watched Year 11 students work towards their exams since September, and I know that it can feel like a challenging year at times, but each and every one of those students should be feeling immensely proud of themselves. The effort they have put in, the hurdles they have overcome and the positive attitude with which they embraced those final few weeks was hugely impressive.

Our current Year 10 students have just sat their first series of mock exams. This is a big step towards Year 11 and Year 10 approached it with calm composure, a good level of preparation and have learnt from the experience – which is exactly what mock exams are for. Year 10, I hope you all feel proud of your achievements and the progress you have made!

Whether you have been sitting exams this term or not, I feel it is important for you all to spend some time reflecting on what you have achieved. What have you learnt from your experiences? How did your achievements make you feel? Most of all, it is important to give yourself permission to take pride in yourself.

I wish you all a well-deserved, restful summer break when it arrives.

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