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Please enjoy the Thought for the Term from Miss Littler

Posted on: 20/07/2023

The theme of Pride seems particularly apt as I reflect on this school year. There are so many significant moments to be proud of. Whether it be recognition of the hard work of students and staff by an external body such as Ofsted, the inspiring awards ceremonies during the summer term, the participation of so many students in the many and varied trips and extracurricular opportunities this year, performing and creative arts events such as the Dance Show, the music concerts or the Lower School production, they have all made us incredibly proud.

Pride does not always come from the most obvious place. There are many hidden moments in the life of a school during a year that make me just as proud as the public events. Each and every day, across our school sites, there are many gestures of kindness and respect which are so fundamental to our community. I never fail to walk from one end of the school to the other without being greeted by smiles and positivity from staff and students alike. This is not something that exists in every working environment and the tangible joy and energy in our schools is something to be celebrated. I have been particularly proud of the noticeable positivity and resilience from staff and students at the end of a long and busy term.

Being proud of yourself is not always something we find easy. People often spend time looking for ways to improve or thinking they may not be good enough. The words of St Catherine of Siena, shared by our guest speaker at this year’s Upper School Awards, continue to resonate with me at the end of this school year “Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire.” Have the confidence to be yourself and know that this will be more than enough.

I am so proud of our students and staff. They are absolutely setting the world on fire and working with them all is a true privilege.

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