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Please enjoy the Thought for the Term from Mrs Hodkinson

Posted on: 29/09/2023

I believe that respect is a cornerstone of any successful community, especially in education where students, teachers, and staff interact daily. It goes beyond mere politeness (though the girls at DGS are certainly incredibly polite!); it is the foundation upon which trust, collaboration, and effective learning are built.

In our classrooms, we hope that respect manifests itself in various forms: respecting everyone’s opinions and ideas, acknowledging diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and valuing each individual girls’ worth. When respect is nurtured within our community, it creates a safe and inclusive space where students can thrive academically and socially. 

In my experience, in a respectful classroom, students are more likely to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and asking questions. They understand that their voices are heard and valued, which fosters a sense of belonging. Moreover, at DGS we hope to model and teach a healthy respect for knowledge itself, and the positive pathways that this can lead to beyond school. Those who respect the pursuit of knowledge (and certainly not just to recall in exams!) are more likely to be curious and engaged learners. 

Respect can create an environment where students and teachers alike can flourish – this makes being a teacher one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.  

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