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Please enjoy the Thought for the Term from our Deputy Associate Head Girl, Lily Knutton

Posted on: 22/09/2023

Respect comes in many forms. We can hold respect through our thoughts, or our actions. However, there is often a focus on respect for others, but I believe it is vital that we demonstrate self-respect as well.

Often overlooked, self-respect is an important part of life, especially in our teenage years. There are standards and expectations set by society, so not only do we have the struggle of self-discovery, but we are expected to do this in the “right” way.

By allowing ourselves to be comfortable with who we truly are, we demonstrate self-respect. By showing such open and honest pride in ourselves and who we are, we take ourselves further along our own journey of self-discovery.

If we are seen to be respecting ourselves and those around us, it becomes contagious. When this happens, others may feel more comfortable making their own choices and respecting the choices of others.

When we start creating space for self-respect, we must allow others the same courtesy. Respect should be viewed as a two-way street: in order for self-respect to flourish, general respect must be established.

Over the coming year, I encourage you all to show respect not only to those around you, but also to the person you are. Everyone deserves to proud of who they are, and that starts with self-respect.

Lily Knutton
Deputy Associate Head Girl
Year 11

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