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German Exchange 2023

Posted on: 19/10/2023

This October, we were thrilled to bring 23 German students in Years 10, 11 and 12 to discover Munich, follow lessons at a German school, and experience the incredible hospitality of their host families. After five action-packed days of culture, food, education and fun we are once again very pleased to call the German exchange a resounding success. 

The program included a lavish welcome buffet at our partner school, a guided tour of Munich, two days of lessons at Feodor Lynen Gymnasium in Planegg, and a fun-filled night of disco bowling, where we danced to the latest German tunes.

During the weekend, DGS students spent time with their German exchange partners and host families, making the most of the surroundings and many cultural outings on offer. Activities included mountain hikes, ice skating, water parks, visiting museums (at night!), exploring historic castles, and even seeing the German premiere of the Taylor Swift 'Eras' Concert film! 

Another highlight for most was the German food on offer, with Pretzels, traditional Bavarian meat dishes such as ‘Krustenschweinebraten’ and of course German sausages among the favourites!

Daisy in Year 10  said: ‘My favourite part of the exchange to Germany was on Saturday when we went ice skating in the morning, then we went to a Castle with Liv and had lunch, which was amazing. I feel that the exchange helped my confidence in speaking German which will help me during my exams. I enjoyed it so much; I wish I could go again.'

Year 11 student Maddy said: ‘My favourite part of the trip was looking around Munich and spending time with my partner and the other German and English pairs. I think an exchange is important because it gives you contacts around the world and you get to experience new cultures and meet new people.’ 

Eva in Year 12 said: my favourite bit of the trip was going up the tower of Peters’ Church with Eliza and having the wind blow so hard our hair stood on end! I also loved seeing the Taylor swift concert film in the cinema with my exchange family. I think exchanges are important because of cultural exchange and learning new (more informal) language from German peers! 

As always, we were overwhelmed by the hospitality and generosity of our German hosts. After such an unforgettable experience, we cannot wait to welcome our partner school to Didcot when they come for their return visit in October 2024.

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