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Please enjoy the Thought for the Term from Mr Byrne

Posted on: 17/11/2023

Inclusion is one of the key values here at DGS as we strive to promote respectful relationships for all. In my role as Young Carers Lead, I work with pastoral teams to ensure that some of our most vulnerable pupils are supported in school. Some of our pupils have significant caring or emotional responsibilities for family members, and it’s vital that their role is recognised within our school community.

Last term saw the launch of this year’s mentoring scheme, which serves to build relationships between mentors from our Year 11 House Leadership Team and their mentees in Year 8. Several of our mentees are Young Carers, and the sessions offer them opportunities to discuss issues that are on their mind whilst the mentors share advice about future steps in their school journey. Now in its third year, recent conversation topics at the sessions have included hobbies, favourite films, choosing option subjects, mock exams and pets. The group are also set more probing discussion questions such as “should Young Carers be paid for the support they provide?” and “which celebrity would make a great house namesake?”

We also have “Young Carers Advocates” from Year 10 serving as additional mentors, who bring their experience as former mentees to help guide the conversations. By being a friendly, patient and reassuring presence, the mentors have served as excellent role models for the year 8 pupils. In turn, the mentees have felt increasingly supported to discuss their specific responsibilities. These descriptions have been inspiring to hear and have helped me and the mentors better understand the particular responsibilities encountered by other members of our school community.

Mr Byrne
Teacher of Maths and Computing
Young Carers Lead

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