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DGS students help to create virtual replica of CERN on Minecraft

Posted on: 14/12/2017

Nia Geary-Andrews and Maja Glagowska, along with students from Abingdon School and Fitzharry's School, have created an interactive museum of one of the world’s most famous science experiments – the ATLAS detector at CERN's Large Hadron Collider – in the virtual land of Minecraft. Today, December 13th, CERN has launched this interactive museum. The full press release can be found here.

The secondary school students have helped to create a replica of CERN, complete with its buildings and beamline tunnels, with the ATLAS experiment as a centrepiece. Using the 3D building blocks in Minecraft, the students and their mentors built an entire video game landscape from scratch.

The teenagers collaborated with ATLAS scientists to create the interactive museum of particle physics, using Minecraft constructions to explain the workings and function of different ATLAS detector parts.

Explore this virtual world, and find out more about the project here.

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