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Baroness Susan Greenfield visits DGS

Posted on: 20/04/2018

Greenfield House members and Didcot Sixth Form had a particularly exciting afternoon on Wednesday 18th April, as they were visited by Baroness Susan Greenfield! Not only was it fabulous to have one of our house namesakes visit DGS, Baroness Greenfield’s talks were incredibly engaging and inspirational. She shared her journey with us, with elements of the personal and the professional blended together beautifully. For Baroness Greenfield, creating your personal narrative, based on your identity, interests and passions, is important above all else. She was able to convince us that science is much much more than facts - she proved that science is beautiful, philosophical and ever so exposing of human nature. Baroness Greenfield looks forward to maintaining a strong bond with DGS and DSF. She was also immensely impressed by the quality and depth of the questions posed to her. A fabulous afternoon for all involved.

Baroness Greenfield

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