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Year 9 visit MRC Festival of Medical Research

Posted on: 25/06/2018

How do scientists study organisms and substances such as pathogens, proteins, molecules and atoms that are too small for us to see? Year 9 gained an insight into some of the powerful imaging methods used by researchers at the MRC Festival of Medical Research, held at the Research Complex at Harwell on June 21st.

With the help of scientists, students set up a protein crystallisation, used a microscope, manipulated a laser beam, studied images from an electron microscope, isolated DNA from strawberries and learned how X rays can be used to improve the texture of ice cream. As the researchers shared their expertise with the students they explained how these techniques are applied to the cutting edge research which they are carrying out. In turn, the students learned how the information and techniques that they study in science lessons are used in the real world to develop new understanding in catalysis, structural and molecular biology, energy materials and imaging.

In just a few years some of our students could well be engineers, scientists or researchers helping to develop the next generation of advanced technology and medicine.


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