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Year 7 visit Natural History Museum

Posted on: 27/06/2018

On 18th June, Year 7 visited the Natural History Museum, London as part of their end of year Humanities trip.

Students had ample time to explore the vast halls and long galleries of the museum. One exhibit which was very popular was the Dinosaur gallery. Here, students were able to explore the landscapes and environment which the dinosaurs lived whilst discovering facts such as their height, weight and varied diet.

Another highlight of the museum visit was a highly educational seminar called ‘Rock the House’. The seminar involved students working out how pieces of the Earth’s crust ‘fit’ together, like a jigsaw. To explore this, students used large plastic models and team work skills to assemble and arrange the pieces together.
Students also explored how mountains are built and they recorded a mini-earthquake, using a Seismograph. This was an incredible seminar, which all the students really enjoyed.

‘‘On Monday 18th June, Summer and I visited the Natural History Museum, in London, along with other students in our Year group.

Our favourite part of the museum was the Red Zone. This was the volcano and earthquake exhibition of the museum. The best part of the Red Zone was an earthquake simulator. This was in the style of a Japanese supermarket. It demonstrated the power of an earthquake by demonstrating how the floor would move, as you walked around the supermarket. The supermarket also showed us evidence of the effects that an earthquake on the lives of people and businesses. We also loved the escalator which led into the Red Zone. The escalator moved us into a model of the Earth- it really felt like you were entering into the middle of the Earth.

We also loved the Dinosaur exhibition. Here, we saw a model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Here, we became a little scared when the model opened its mouth and gave us a fright when it growled!

The Butterfly exhibit was really inspiring. We saw lots of butterflies and dragonflies flying around us as we walked past the trees and a large pond. We were astounded by the size and colour of the Water Lilies in the pond.

We would definitely like to go again!’’

Summer King and Phoebe Hughes, 7LNA

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