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Freeborn Gallery exhibits 'Power Portraits' by Year 10 students

Posted on: 14/05/2019

We are very proud to be displaying portraits by our Year 10 students in The Freeborn Gallery this term. The students have worked relentlessly for 3 terms on the paintings, and through doing so have explored the notion of identity whilst developing technical skills in observation and brushwork.

The outward gaze of the sitter is purposely challenging and engaging: we want the viewers to question their own identity as a two-way interaction.

The gilt frames have been handmade and are integral to the exhibition by being intentionally distracting. We also understand that by using a gilt effect frame we are tapping into traditional display of past icons and idols. We hope you can see this connection and the irony in the indirect comments we are implying about our modern, slightly self-indulgent culture of projected ‘perfection’.

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