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Food & Mood: A Talk on Nutrition for Year 9

Posted on: 07/10/2019
Last week all of Year 9 heard a talk on Nutririon and Wellbeing by Abi Barclay-Watt, an Oxfordshire based nutritionist who lectures at Oxford Brookes University. With National Mental Health Awareness Day approaching, we are keen that our students understand the powerful link between good nutrition and wellbeing. Abi exploded lots of nutrional myths, explained the role of different foods in our diet, clarified the link between food and mood and answered lots of great questions from the audience. She is very happy to be approached with any questions at

Emphasising the importance of breakfast for the girls, Abi also shared some recipes that are easy to make and slowly release energy through the course of the day. She even brought some in for the girls to sample!

We hope Year 9 are feeling much more confident in their knowledge of food, nutrition and a balanced diet!

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