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Radiation Workshop: Skittles, Nerf Guns and Bananas!

Posted on: 18/10/2019

Radiation Workshop - 3rd October 2019

Scientists and Engineers from Wood PLC visited one of our Year 10 Physics lessons earlier this month to bring the topics of  Radioactivity and Radiation Safety to life.

The students modelled radioactive decay with the help of several packets of Skittles, used a hand-held Geiger counter to investigate the levels of radioactivity in various objects such as bananas and smoke detectors, and fired a Nerf gun at the brave scientist who was illustrating radiation shielding!

This was a great opportunity for the students to learn from professionals who work with radiation and to have their questions answered by experts in this field. We would like to thank the team from Wood PLC who gave up their time to share their expertise with our students.

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