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Breaking News! DGS in top 3% of schools nationally once more!

Posted on: 21/10/2019

On October 17th National School Performance Tables were published for 2018/19 and we are delighted to confirm that, for the second year running, DGS' Progress 8 score of 0.72 places us in the top 3% of schools nationally.

Progress 8 is a measure of the progress every student makes between entering the school in Year 7 and completing their qualifications at the end of Year 11. So, it is the most holistic measure of a school's success. 

This performance also places the school in the top 2 schools in Oxfordshire for the progress students make during their time here. Similarly, the Attainment 8 (a measure of overall attainment) has been confirmed as 54.3, which is significantly above the county and national averages of 47.2 and 46.6 respectively.

Finally, the ‘EBacc average point score’ has been published for the second time and is also extremely strong. At 4.9, our score significantly exceeds the county average of 4.16 and the national average of 4.07. This score measures the average grade of students across English, maths, science, a modern foreign language and a humanities subject (history or geography). With 49% of the cohort opting for this combination of subjects, this is a very strong performance and, once again, places DGS amongst the top schools in the county.

We are really proud of these excellent results because they are testament to the hard work and commitment of an exceptional group of students and staff. Well done, everyone!


See the full comparison site and more detailed data here

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