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DGS Hosts First Ever Climate Change Summit

Posted on: 10/12/2019

On Monday December 2nd we hosted the first ever DGS Climate Change Summit. This event was requested by the students as it is a prominent issue for us and as a school it is essential to become more sustainable. Given that we have a cohort of nearly 1400 students, plus staff, we believe any changes we can make will have a large reach and impact. The aim of the day was to make pledges about how we can be more environmentally friendly at home and at school. We started the day in Cockcroft Hall with talks from students, including pupils from our public speaking club, followed by a couple of talks from experts in the field. The summit was also attended by some local councillors whose contributions were incredibly enlightening.

We broke off into groups for sessions run by our visitors and a few examples of topics covered are: carbon footprints, transport and travel, fashion, food, trees, waste and investment. We are so grateful for our visitors who ran these sessions; students left each one feeling enthused and inspired about how we can have a more positive impact on our environment. Towards the end of the day we collated our pledges to see what things people were already doing and what would be easy to implement in their life at home or in school. As Climate Change Leaders we will be working over the coming weeks and months to put these changes into place to make our school more environmentally-friendly.

We ended the day with a panel of our visitors, which included some thought-provoking discussions. We would also just like to thank Dr Comina for organising the event which has been a tremendous success.

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