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Year 8 Energy Quest

Posted on: 30/01/2020

By the year 2050 the population of the world is expected to reach 9 billion and all those people will need access to energy. This means we will have to use our existing energy resources more efficiently and harness more sustainable sources of electricity. Engineers are the ones who will make this possible and some of those future engineers are in school today, learning STEM skills which could one day enable them to make life better for millions of people.

Four classes of year 8 students started to think about these issues when they took part in Energy Quest workshops on January 28th. The girls learned about engineering careers, electricity generation and sustainable energy directly from professional engineers. They also worked in teams to build and improve a small electric car as they explored the concepts of friction, efficiency and sustainability.

This is one of a series of STEM workshops held throughout the year, enabling all our year 8 students to meet practicing scientists and engineers and to show pupils that engineering is the application of scientific knowledge to solving problems in the real world. We would like to thank Tomorrow’s Engineers for running these excellent sessions for our students.

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