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Didcot Sixth Form celebrates another year of strong A-level results

Posted on: 19/08/2017

Didcot Sixth Form is celebrating yet another year of strong A-level results.

At a time of great turbulence and change with reformed A-levels and specifications, we are delighted with the achievement of our 148 students who completed their studies this year. These results include excellent performance at the highest grades with one in four of all exam entries achieving grades A* or A. One in two of all exam entries achieved grades A*-B and three out of every four exam entries achieved grades A*-C.

All subjects had success in their results with some particularly excellent results for students studying languages and STEM subjects (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Computing and Engineering).

The following students achieved A*/As across the board and are now about to embark on the next stage of their learning journey and life experience at university.


Students achieving four A* grades:

Kieran Agg (Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics) – also a talented musician! Sebastian Small (Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Engineering)


Student achieving three A*s and one A Grade:

Callum McDonnell (Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Maths)


Students achieving two A*s and two As:

Nathan Hawkes (Maths, Physics, Computing, Further Maths

Isabella Jewell (English, Government and Politics, Italian, French) – Head Girl


Student achieving one A* and three As:

Holly Smith (Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics)


Students achieving two A*s and one A:

Daniel Blair (Biology, Maths, Chemistry)

Nicola Kay (English, Geography, Psychology)

Zach Rickford (Biology, Chemistry, Maths)


Students achieving one A* and two As:

Niamh Holland (Biology, Maths, Physics)

Seth Howes (Chemistry, Biology, Maths) – Head Boy


Students achieving three As:

Ben Carless (French, Spanish, Maths)

Matthew Clancy (English, Maths, Physics)

Finlay Greenfield (English, Maths, Spanish)

Jasmine Lawton (Biology, Chemistry, Maths)


Students achieving Triple Distinction*:

Poppy Concannon (Sports Studies)

Fleur Graham (Health and Social Care)

Kayleigh Smith (Health and Social Care)


As a school community, we celebrate the achievements of all of our students and behind the results are personal stories of adversity and challenge, sustained hard work and, of course, considerable ability whether it be in Dance, Art, Languages, History or Chemistry.

Mr Willett, Director, Didcot Sixth Form said: ‘I am very proud of the achievements of all of our students. Whilst these results will support our young adults to pursue the career path or continued study of their choosing, what is equally important are the personal qualities of each individual student. Activities such as the mentoring of younger students and community service, sporting and musical success have allowed these personal qualities to shine through.’

Rachael Warwick, Headteacher of Didcot Girls’ School and Executive Headteacher of Didcot Academy of Schools, said: ‘The results achieved by our students are a great reward for their dedicated work sustained over two years and to all the staff who have supported them to ensure they fulfil their potential. Whilst this is now the time we say goodbye to our students, we wish them all the very best for the future and hope that they will stay in touch with us as they move on to exciting futures at university, in apprenticeships and other training courses or employment.’

John Marston, Headteacher of St Birinus School, said: ‘All of our students are to be congratulated. We are very proud of them as individuals and for their exam successes.’

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