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Dr Nickerson and Science Club receive STEM Innovation Award

Posted on: 17/07/2017

On Wednesday 12th July, Owen Parry from the Community Education Awards came to DGS to present the school with a STEM Innovation Award. The Community Education Awards are an annual celebration of schools' valuable work in helping children and young people become positive community members.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is thriving at DGS, with the science club growing in size and reputation, and even featuring on BBC news earlier this year! DGS was awarded the STEM innovation prize for Project M, a collaboration with scientists from Diamond Light Source. The project was aimed at allowing secondary school students from across the UK to participate in a genuine scientific research project. Dr Nickerson and the Senior Science Club helped to develop the methods and techniques that were eventually used by a hundred schools, which took part in the project by preparing a thousand calcium carbonate samples. The samples are currently being studied at Diamond Light Source and their analysis will lead to a deeper understanding of an important biomineral, and could lead to the development of new materials for uses such as bone grafts.

Dr Claire Murray said: ‘The work and feedback of the Senior Science Club has been critical to the success of our project, as it enabled us to optimise the equipment for school kits which were sent to every participating school.’

The award was presented to Dr Nickerson and Science Club in the school library, and was a fantastic way to cap an outstanding year for STEM at DGS.  The award reflects the school's commitment to STEM, and our aspiration for girls to embrace future careers in STEM. Look out for more STEM events next year!

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