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DGS students create hope and positivity through artwork

Posted on: 28/04/2020

Rainbow artwork 6Rainbows have long been seen as a symbol of hope and positivity. During this global 'storm' we have seen children across the country paint, draw and make rainbows to lift spirits, spread joy and remind us all of the importance of hope and positivity. At DGS we have been inundated with student artwork expressing the resilience and resolve of our young adults. Not only has this brought joy to teachers and staff, it has also reminded us of how talented and imaginative our students are. 

We have seen sewn pillows, 3D lego models, window displays and pin cushions, to list just a few of the more ambitious pieces. And many beautiful paintings and drawings, both in traditional materials and through digital applications. Rainbow artwork 8

We know that so many of our parents and carers are working tirelessly to juggle work and home schooling; supporting children with school-set tasks, as well as balancing work priorities. We want to thank you for encouraging and supporting creativity and artistic projects. Art has always been our human right but now it feels even more significant than in recent, less turbulent times.

Parents and carers, please enjoy the images of student art as a thank you from us all for the important job you are doing at home. And thank you to our students for sharing their hope with us. 

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